Camp & Campers

Q.1 What type of campers attend camp?

Our soccer camps are designed to teach the technical basics and love of the game to the beginning player, to introduce strategical decision, team play, and more advanced techinique to the intermediate player, while building on their current skills, and to put the advanced player into pressured, strategical and competitive situations.

Q.2 What is the ratio of staff to campers?

Groups will be divided into small groups of approximately 9 campers to one coach. Primarily the ratio of camper to staff is 9:1, however, in many instructional situations the ratio is smaller and our boys camp offers 1 on 1 private lessons. We do offer specialized goalie instruction and will have a dedicate coach for the goalkeepers. Typically the goalkeeper ratio is much lower (approx. 4:1)

Q.3 Can my child still attend camp if he or she has a medical condition?

As long as your physician has examined your child and feels it is appropriate, your child may attend camp. Please have your doctor provide a written note clearing them for physical activity. However, Premier Sports Camps / The College of Wooster reserves the right to refuse campers with pre-existing medical conditions if we feel their health is at risk.

Q.4 How are the campers divided?

Campers range in age from 8-18 years old. Campers are divided by age, experience and ability level throughout the camp week. We make sure each camper is challenged yet comfortable in their surroundings, enabling skill level improvement.

Life At Camp

Q.1 What type of supervision is provided and will my child be safe?

All activities both on and off the fields are supervised by mature and responsible staff members. Safety is a top priority throughout the week. With more than 20 years experience running sports camps, we have developed detailed rules and regulations in order to provide a safe atmosphere at the camp. No one is allowed to leave campus or leave their group during camp. Supervision in the residence halls at night ensures the campers are getting adequate rest. In addition, campus security is present at all times.

Q.2 What do the campers do with their spare time ?

What little spare time the campers do have is used to eat meals and relax and get out of the sun during the day. In addition to the daytime off time, the campers have evening activities each night. This includes Ice Cream socials, Pizza nights, Foot Golf, Movie nights, Game room night, Talent show, and activities such as these.

Q.3 What are the living arrangements ?

Players stay in the schools residence halls. The students are typically housed 2 to a room (although in certain circumstances triples are available). Special arrangements can be made to have multiple rooms next to each other if requested. We will make every effort to meet your requests.

Q.4 Is there 24 hour supervision ?

Our Elite 11 Soccer Camp Staff is on duty 24 hours a day, on the fields, in the dormitories, in the cafeteria, at the pool. wherever our campers are present during the overnight camps. In addition, our campuses have a 24-hour camp security and a full-time, year round campus police security.

Q.5 What is the dining hall like and is the food good ?

YES! Our camps have ‘All You Can Eat’ buffets at every meal time to make sure each camper gets plenty to eat. There are multiple options at each meal and can accommodate all types of food preferences, including vegetarians, vegans, and all types of food allergies. Each food option is marked with health content and ingredients. In addition, the dining staff will help any child with food allergies or preferences.

Q.6 Can I bring food and drinks to camp?

YES! The dorm rooms do not have refrigerators in them, but feel free to bring snacks, drinks and coolers for your room. Although ample food is available at camp, many kids like to have snacks in their rooms. In addition, the student union on campus has a snack bar/grocery where additional snacks can be purchased.

Q.7 Are the rooms air conditioned?

Typically our rooms are not air conditioned, therefore we recommend that each camper brings 1 or more desk and/or floor fans as the rooms can get hot. Please check the particular camp page to verify dorm and whether there is air conditioning (if not stated  no air conditioning is available)

Q.8 What should each camper wear to camp?

Please arrive at camp each day with proper soccer attire including shirts, shorts, socks, shin-guards, soccer cleats, indoor or running shoes, and a soccer ball.

Q.9 What is your camper to coach ratio?

We strive to meet a ratio of 8:1 in our soccer camp but this can fluctuate with each camp based on age and enrollment.

Q.10 Is there an Athletic Trainer on staff?

Yes, a full-time trainer will be on staff at all times at each site. Please provide written instructions to our trainer of any medical condition your child may have while at camp.

Q.11 What are the Check-in and Check-out times?

Checkin for all campers is between 12:00pm and 1:00pm at the camp dorm on Sunday. Commuter campers can check-in on the following days at the field around 8:45am. Check-out for all campers is at 4:00pm on Thursday at the camp dorm. Commuter campers can check-out nightly at 8:15pm if they do not wish to attend the evening social activity, or at 10:00pm if they wish to attend the social activity.


Q.1 When is payment due ?

A $200 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration of the camper. Balances, if not paid in full at the time of registration, should be paid by July 1. Payment can be made online or a check can be mailed to: Premier Sports Camps, 4885 Shackelford Ct. Columbus, OH 43220.

Q.2 What Discounts are available?

We offer goalie discount and team discounts. Team discounts are available for teams of 6 or more and goalie discounts have a limited availability. Please email or call the camp office for inquiries.

Q.3 If I am flying to camp, where should I fly in and out of?

Each year we have several campers fly in to camp. We recommend that you arrange to fly into Akron/Canton airport (30 miles from campus) or Cleveland Hopkins airport (60 miles from campus). Although we do not have a regularly scheduled shuttle to and from camp, we can make arrangements to pick up and drop off a camper for $60 roundtrip. To make arrangements to be picked up at one of the two airports. EMAIL FOR PICKUP at least 1 month prior to the start of camp or call the office at (330) 333-CAMP.

Q.4 Are parents allowed to watch camp activities?

Parents are more than welcome to attend camp and watch their child participate.

Q.5 How do I reach my child during camp?

Should you want to contact your child during camp, we recommend that you send your child with a cell phone. – For emergencies, you can contact the camp at -(330) 333-CAMP or via EMAIL.

Q.6 What happens if we need to cancel?

Please read carefully. We encourage all our families to purchase camp insurance for peace of mind in the event of camper cancellation.

Q.7 What is cancellation insurance?

We realize that kids get hurt and sick and / or summer plans change. With this in mind, we encourage all campers to purchase Cancellation Insurance to provide peace of mind in these situations.

The cost of Cancellation Protection for $50 per session, due at the time of registration. Cancellation Protection entitles you to a full cash refund of your camp tuition fees paid to date (Please note: the $50 Cancellation Insurance Fee & registration fee are non-refundable.) if you cancel for any reason prior to 14 days from the start of camp. If the cancellation occurs 14 days or less, a camp credit will be issued for all monies paid through the following year.

Highlights of Cancellation Insurance:


Q.8 Should I purchase camp/cancellation insurance?

We recommend all families purchase camp / cancellation insurance if they are concerned about the investment they are making in the camp. Kids do get injured, sick and family plans change from the time of registration leading up to the camp. Camp insurance allows peace of mind and has many benefits in any of these events. Please review our policies page for more information about camp / cancellation insurance.

Packing List

Q.1 What to bring?

  • Soccer Ball
  • Soccer Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Athletic Clothes
  • Casual Clothes
  • Bath Towel
  • Shower Towel
  • Sun Screen
  • Bedding for Twin sized bed
  • Toiletries
  • Fan(s)
  • Pillows
  • Snack Food
  • Spending Money (no $ is needed, but sometimes kids like to order pizza, t-shirts, vending etc.)